Laika was designed to make the creation of creative photos easy and simple, so it offers everything

Unique filters

The collections Laika a variety of styles of filters collected. Feel like Da Vinci or Van Gogh creating your own deep art for your exclusive art gallery

Visual Editor

Laika has basic photo editing, which includes rotating, zooming and cropping a photo

Special offer

At the beginning of the month and at the beginning of the week, the Laika collection is replenished with an exclusive filter


Convenient filtration

In the Laika gallery there is an opportunity to hide filters that are rarely used, which helps to focus on those filters that are used often

Simple control

If the image turns out to be too saturated, you can change it by adjusting its saturation

Laika Achievements

Only in Laika can you complete simple tasks, collecting achievement badges and open a secret collection of filters that will only be available to you


Create exclusive photos with experiments

In Laika, you can mix filters in one photo, while the texture and style of the image is also mixed, this is a unique opportunity to transform a boring photo into a bright and extraordinary.

Mix of filters

In Laika you can mix 2 or 3 filters together in one photo, which makes it possible to get unusual and interesting images

Full immersion

Each photo to which you apply the filter will not only have a rich look, but also when enlarged, you can see the texture

Simple control

If the image turns out to be too saturated, you can change it by adjusting its saturation

Collect masterpieces

When you get a great photo, you just save it or share it so that other people can admire your masterpiece

Personal profile

You will have your own page where you can see all your posts, your fans and those you subscribed to

Collection of inspirations

In the feed, you can see photos from all over the world, and you can also customize views only for those whose work inspires you the most

True critic

Feel like an expert rate images in the feed, leave comments and discuss with other people

Easy story

It's easy to create a photo post in Laika, you can also add an accompanying story that will complement your vision

Meet, communicate and admire

Discover new AI photo effects, art deep filters, prismatic deep filters, fun photo frames, face filters and more. By joining the social art community Laika.



With Laika to create not just photos, but the real masterpieces that can be admired and inspire other people

I love that it has So many filters to choose from. The buttons I can click don't have words on or near, I pushed one and it made a new one come onto the screen. I'm sure I'll have a great time figuring all those out. Overall this is such a beautiful app and is not your average photo filter app! It's way cool!

Lincoln Day


Cute effects, works well. I don't like that you can't edit square pictures without it being cropped though



I really like this app! easy to use and also works offline. P.S. I would like to be able to control the saturation of the filters. I really like mixing filters. Solid 5 +++

Kate Winet


Nice app) Very clean and intuitive interface. Contains a lot of interesting filters. Made an awesome photo. 5+++

Ben Weissenstein


The new features make a big difference. No more having to use a Photo Editor to do basic things though I did find one that isn't named PHOTO because GOOGLE owns every photo ever taken now even analog-or crapseedy. Just to turn it 90` and have your image altered. Thank You



This app is DOPE and if you were a BEHAVIORAL MEDICATED kid or are just near the spectrum it's very calming. I'm playing on this constantly to the point where I need a phone like yesterday but Im afraid this won't work on anything besides ios which is useless to me-I need an Android. I want the MOTO.

xEx xEx

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